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 Green World Protein Powder In Pakistan PROTEIN POWDER IN PAKISTAN Green world protein powder is rich in soybean whey protein, whey, plant protein powder, immune egg protein and lecithin. Protein is one of the most important nutritious elements in our lives. Insufficient protein in human body will cause malfunctions, the symptoms of memory decline and other physiological atrophy. It is a nutritious food stuff which contains more than 90% of high quality protein. Powders are increasingly becoming more and more popular as more people are realizing its nutritional value. Although they come in different forms the three most popular brands are Soy, whey and casein, whey been the most commonly used in the world. Protein Powder Ingredients: Protein ingredients are manufacturing with precious Herbs and active ingredients. Main ingredients Components • Soy protein isolate • Peanut protein powder • Soybean Lecithin These all Components are high quality and active ingredients that are works on human body as natural way. This product is 100% natural have no any side effects. Work Functions of Protein Powder: You’re surging with energy all day long, and sleeping better at night. You’ve never been more regular, as occasional constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas and cramps simply disappear. Weight-control becomes more manageable, as hunger pangs and cravings vanish, and you feel amazingly satisfied. Then, as the weeks go by, imagine. * Your heart, arteries, blood pressure, and even your cholesterol balance are all behaving beautifully… * Your joints feel youthful, as stiffness fades… * Friends say you’re even looking younger, and compliment you on your skin… Effect of protein deficiency Insufficient protein in human body will cause malfunctions, the symptom of memory decline and other physiological atrophy, skin loosening, muscle weakness and can also other diseases. Caution People with severe liver and kidney impairment must restrict their protein intake. So these products are not recommended for those who have liver or renal failure. Protein Powder Benefits: 1. Promotes growth and development of human body 2. Constitutes enzymes, which catalyze chemical reactions 3. Involved in the process of cell signaling and signal transduction; 4. Structural proteins confer stiffness and rigid to otherwise-fluid biological component 5. Carries out the duties specified by the information encoded in genes. PKR/-4600 Call US For order: 03007986016 Read More:  


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