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All of us can get down at times. It’s normal to have a case of the

blues, especially when things aren’t going well or as expected. However, if you

feel sad all the time, or lose interest in doing things you once enjoyed, you

could be depressed. Depression affects how you feel, think and behave and

requires treatment to get better. Common symptoms of depression include: Changes

in sleep - sleeping too much or unable to sleep Hopelessness Inability to

concentrate Lack of energy Loss of appetite Irritability or anger Loss of

interest in activities Mood swings Persistent feeling of sadness Thoughts of

suicide If you have symptoms of depression, you should make an appointment to

see your doctor or a therapist right away. Bluegrass offers therapy in a

supportive and respectful environment. Our clinicians are trained in a multitude

of therapy strategies to meet your individual needs. If you’re having suicidal

thoughts call 911 immediately. You can also call the Bluegrass 24-Hour Helpline

at 1.800.928.8000. Bluegrass Helpline calls are answered by crisis counselors,

who are trained to assist you and make a plan to get the help you need

immediately. You can also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at

1.800.273.TALK 1.800.273.8255.

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