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Ginseng Rhs Capsule in Pakistan Ginseng Rhs Capsule in Pakistan is a newly discovered natural Food Supplements for the treatment of cancer. Ginseng has especially been recommended by people, for thousands of years to the resistance of cancer. its human shaped was considered to be a powerful Symbol of divine” Harmony” on the earth. It strongly acts in preventing metastasis (growing) of cancer cells and has the obvious function of increasing white blood cells. Ginseng Capsule Work Function Green World Ginseng Rhs Capsule is used for the treatment, control, prevention, & improvement of the following diseases, conditions and symptoms: Inflammation • Cadmium-induced hepatic injuries. • Green World Ginseng Rhs Capsule may also be used for purposes not listed here. • Suitable For: • People who intend to boost immunity • People who have benign or malignant tumor • People who complete chemotherapy and /or radiotherapy • People with lowered white blood cells due to infection other or AIDS • People with chronic fatigue or intend to boost stamina Main important Benefits 1. lung carcinoma 2. improves immunity rapidly 3. A natural remedy used adjunct with anti-cancer medications 4. Increases white blood cells 5. highly beneficial for patients who receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy 6. Promotes wound healing and speeds up convalesce 7. good for leukemia 8. control the proliferation 9. proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells 10. Rh2 is very effective for treatment of malignant melanoma. Ginseng Rhs Capsule Price In Pakistan: 2990/-PKR CONTACT US FOR ORDER 03340555222 03454033142 FOR ONLINE ORDER EMAIL US:  



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