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In order to avoid the high rent in city life, the designer and artist used old steel structure workshop to create various spaces including living and working. The following unique art studio is transformed from steel construction workshop. The wide open space is created without interior wall. The impacted art between industrialization and postmodernism has evolved a fashionable living and working style. The studio is located in the center of Beijing, which used to be a large shack of factory, whose center is covered with a roof of steel construction. The artist requested that the room of traditional Chinese painting and the room of oil painting should be divided in order to create the atmosphere. The tea room and ink room are in the first floor. The living room and study are in the second floor. In this way, people could enjoy the view better. According to the requirements of artists, the roof made of color steel is designed ladder type. Large white wall surface is decided by Mr Xu to arrange his works. When the light pours into the house, all the works walk in the hall. You could feel the communication between building space and art. The transformation of the whole space is completed under the lower cost. The design of space, furniture and lamps use the material with cyclic regeneration, which also shows the core idea of traditional industry through the creative industry.  


No.5 Road, HepingDistrict, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China

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