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The forecast for the global mammography system market was achieved through exhaustive analysis of some of the key macro-economic factors: annual healthcare spending and annual per capita healthcare. The statistical information pertaining to the key contributing nations of global mammography system market was composed together and examined to evaluate their impact on the growth of mammography system market in each nation. Factors such as breast cancer incidence, number of mammography machines, and accessibility of diagnostics labs in a particular region, among others, which share a strong relation with mammography system market, were considered to predict the market growth in the forecast period 2018-2028. Based on the analysis of the aforementioned factors, the key contributing nations were distributed among four different clusters. 

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The world’s most established economies namely the U.S., Germany, and Japan, and world’s most emerging economies namely China and South Korea were included in the first cluster which is expected to grow at an average CAGR of XX% in the forecast period. 

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According to the World Cancer Research Fund International, Belgium had the highest rate of breast cancer, followed by Denmark and France. Therefore, European government is focussed toward the development and adoption of more advanced cancer detection and diagnosis modalities. Further, the European Council established implementation of screening programs to reduce the burden of the common cancer types as a priority for the member states.

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