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The increased awareness among consumers for the use of surveillance cameras due to their enhanced safety measures has led to a dynamic evolution of the surveillance ecosystem. From recording a footage and reviewing it later, to the real-time monitoring of any location, the landscape of the surveillance industry has changed. Instead of using multiple cameras at any junction or outside a retail shop to access the perimeter properly, the advent of multi-sensor cameras has simplified the installation as well as, reduced the overall cost. Multi-sensor cameras have the ability to capture the 360° view with four-image sensor individual fixed lens. These cameras efficiently capture clear images even in low-light conditions and thereby, eliminating blind spots by effectively capturing the perimeter. These are an upgraded version of PTZ cameras, in which, apart from having the functionality of PTZ, these multi-sensor cameras also capture the view which is not in focus. Multi-sensor cameras offer a range of benefits to the end-users, such as: 

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  • High resolution multi-megapixel images 

  • Pan/tilt/zoom abilities 

  • The cost related to surveillance cameras is reduced considerably 

  • Lower licensing fee 

  • Reduced installation cost 

  • No operator required to monitor 

  • Low-light performance 

  • Wide area coverage 

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The built-in video analytics in multi-sensor cameras sends an alert to the operator in case of incidents in real-time. The operator can further digitally zoom-in to any particular area for a detailed picture and take an immediate action. These cameras find their application in various sectors such as stadiums and entertainment venues, hospitals, transportation, and retail outlets among others. The wide angle and panoramic view along with the use of sensors, helps in reducing vulnerabilities and deploying intelligent analytics solutions such as heat mapping and people counting.

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